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    Saturday, August 18th, 2012
    11:18 pm
    You probably know this or are no longer on livejournal
    I am married now!!! Holy crumbs!!! The wedding was beautiful and perfect and things were amazing. Keith and I are crazy super happy.

    I would put up a picture but photobucket is not working.
    Monday, February 13th, 2012
    10:34 pm
    Monday, February 6th, 2012
    12:03 pm
    Well I heard back from the first PhD program. The answer was, "No, you will not be going to USC."

    Five more to go.
    Friday, January 27th, 2012
    8:51 pm
    Poor Forgotten Journal
    It looks like I only posted three time last year. Wow. What happened last year that I did not mention?
    I presented a paper at the PCA/ACA conference in San Antonio.
    A professor I met at that conference propositioned me in an email a few weeks later (super creepy).
    Our band This Is Boring With Hats played a couple of shows.
    I did The Visceral Show again. The show was much smaller and better for it.
    Keith and our friend Ryan wrote and produced "Don't Close Your Eyes" - 7 original radio plays. They were super fun and I got to be in some of them.
    The laser place laid me off.
    I was hired to be an assistant editor on the National Geographic show "America The Wild."
    I took burlesque classes and did a fan dance in a show.
    I had a new corset made for me. It is a black underbust and it is fantastic.
    Keith and I threw a great Halloween party. We dressed as Gomez and Morticia Addams.
    Keith proposed and I accepted.
    Keith and I went to Seattle a few times.
    I applied to PhD programs.
    My little brother joined the Navy.
    My film got second place at the Element Film Festival, although they didn't bother to tell me it was screening.
    I spent Christmas with Keith's family in Spokane.

    So far this year a few things have happened:
    The National Geographic job ended.
    The laser place called me up and asked to hire me back with a raise, but it would still be only a contract position (no benefits). I accepted.
    We are trying to work out this whole wedding thing.
    I didn't get into a few film festivals.

    I am currently at my parents' house in Texas. I am glad that I am getting to spend some time with my brother before he leaves for basic training. I don't know when the next time I see him will be. I hope he can come to the wedding, but I can't count on it. I feel the same way about everyone else from Texas that I am inviting other than my parents. I currently feel like a wedding is this ordeal that couples have to survive in order to be married to each other. I am looking forward to being married a million times more than I am looking forward to the wedding. I feel like these next months of planning will be awful.
    Tuesday, August 30th, 2011
    9:38 pm
    Too Long, Didn't Write
    Today people were laid-off at my work. Not me, but it still doesn't look good. The company is having "cash flow" problems and is trying to cut back in any way it can. Everyone has to go down to 36 hours a week (down from 40) and we have a hiring freeze. I had mostly given up hope for getting a real job (AKA: not contract and with benefits), but now I know it will not happen any time soon. The hiring freeze doesn't mean they cannot extent my contract, but everything else that is going on may mean that they wont. I want a job that has something to do with my degree, but I want to keep the only job I have until I find this dream job.

    I'm starting to believe that applying for film jobs is a waste of my time. I should be spending my time trying to find a more stable 8-5 (9-5s don't exist, didn't anyone tell you that?), writing conference papers, and applying for PhD programs. I like writing papers and learning and I don't think anything else is viable right now.

    I'm going to start sending my thesis film to festivals. I know that festivals are just holes that you throw your film and your money into in-hopes that someone sees it on the way down, but I would like some one to see it.
    Thursday, January 6th, 2011
    8:30 pm
    I never should have gotten into student housing.
    My student loan consolidation has still not gone through. One loan bill (I probably get about 6 a month now), just started coming in while I was in Texas and is now past due. It is $700 a month (so December + January = $1400). I hope I can get an instantaneous deferment over the phone (I did for another loan that was going to be $400/month) tomorrow because I don't even get paid until the 24th this month.

    I had to ask my parents for money, something I wanted to never ever do. I feel terrible. I feel like such a failure.

    In other news, I started the laser job. It is fine, but the day is very long and the work is somewhat frustrating. It seems like I will be spending 8:30am-5:30pm mostly cleaning and re-cleaning small bits of glass and occasionally putting them into some sort of laser part.

    My dad will probably have to have cataract surgery this summer.
    Thursday, December 30th, 2010
    2:45 pm
    The best boyfriend EVER.
    Keith got me the Walton Ford book!!! HOLY SMOKES!!! (which is what I said over and over again when I unwrapped it)

    He also got me an awesome recycled rubber purse, a fancy King Kong dvd, the restored edition of Black Narcissus, a LED belt buckle, and those fantastic concrete earrings I wanted. HURRAY! I don't think I was any where close to this good this year.

    Mom and Dad got me a good number of great short story books, the book on taxidermy I wanted, some great earrings, and a few other things. I also got a great print from my sister and some nice things from my grandparents and cousins. All-in-all a fantastic Christmas. Oh, and Keith's parents got me two different insect calendars (one you color yourself!), a very nice hand-made scarf and hat set, and a great cherry red purse. Awesome things all around.

    I was not nearly so good.

    But yes, I am back in Bozeman. Radio show tonight on (9pm Mountain time).

    P.S. I just opened the last thing from my parents (it was shipped to my house): The Age of Wonder, which looks fantastic.
    Wednesday, December 29th, 2010
    12:36 am
    Back so soon?
    Last night I had one of those dreams that leave you crying when you wake up. It was mostly just my sister and brother being awful to me. I remember at one point they had left the door to the freezer and the fridge wide open for quite some time. I told them they should close them to save energy and they said you don't need to. "Don't believe everything you read on the internet, Sarah," my sister told me. I'm not sure specifically what else happened, but I woke up crying.
    I had another dream last night where there was a crazy/scary old man who found a completely new species of creature in his beard. It wasn't something that fit into any of the defined animal groups. They looked kind of like newts and he had them in a jar. We were watching a trilogy of films about the man and I couldn't tell if they were fiction or documentary. I thought there was way too much about the man being some sort of cool British spy/gangster (like bond meets Lock Stock) and not nearly enough about the critters. The building we were in was wooden and very old. Splintery.

    I have been in Texas these past two weeks and I go back to Bozeman tomorrow. I miss Keith like crazy, but I'm not really looking forward to being back in Montana. It has been so nice seeing my family and being in a town with things to do. I got to see Automusik and they were amazing. I had some very nice times hanging out with my favorite Austin people (although Allison and Rachel were not there, and Rachel hasn't lived there in years). I got to have a wonderful dinner with Keith's cousin Buzz, his wife Cheryl, and their awesome kid Felix (the food at The Clay Pit is fantastic). We were going to get ice cream today, but I spent the day with my mom instead. It was so good to see most of my cousins at Christmas (Jessica was too busy with vet school). I don't get to see my grandparents nearly enough. I will miss my family. Sigh.

    I'm glad I got my new job, but the whole 9-5 thing scares me a little. I better figure out how to get enough sleep before 8am to get me through a day of laser making. I hope I find a film job soon. I want to move.
    Friday, December 17th, 2010
    1:05 pm
    I am in Texas for the next two weeks.
    I spent a good amount of time on a plane yesterday and now I am in Georgetown, TX. If you want to see something awesome, you should go to Spider House in Austin on Saturday after 6pm and see Automusik. I will be there and it will be super cool.

    Here is a survey for no reason:

    5 Bands/Musicians You’ve Been Listening to A Lot Lately.
    01. Gary Numan
    02. Rasputina
    03. The Scarring Party
    04. The Magnetic Fields
    05. The Smiths

    5 Things You’re Addicted To.
    01. the internet
    02. fancy coffee
    03. facebook
    04. Law and Order: Criminal Intent

    5 Favorite Celebrities.
    01. Neil Gaiman
    02. Werner Herzog
    03. Conan O'Brien
    04. Tom Waits
    05. Amanda Palmer

    5 Things You Hate That Everyone Seems to Like.
    01. Nature films
    02. Uggs
    03. Crocs
    04. mp3s
    05. 24 hour news of any sort

    5 Things That Could Be Found in Your Room.
    01. dust
    02. mystery box toys
    03. hard drives full of finished and unfinished films
    04. CDs
    05. short-story collections

    5 Movies You’ve Seen So Many Times You Can Recite Them.
    01. Jurassic Park
    02. Monty Python and The Holy Grail
    03. Beetlejuice
    04. Phantom of The Paradise
    05. Carrie

    5 TV Shows You’ve Seen Every Episode Of.
    01. Twin Peaks
    02. Kingdom Hospital
    03. True Blood
    04. 30 Rock
    05. Forever Knight

    5 Favorite Songs of the Moment.
    01. Tubeway Army: "Are 'Friends' Electric?"
    02. Rasputina: "Holocaust of Giants"
    03. Vermillion Lies: "Long Red Hair"
    04. Abney Park: "Until The Day I die"
    05. Christian Death: "Halos"

    Put Your itunes foobar2000 on Shuffle - List the First 5 Songs That Come Up.
    01. The Sisters of Mercy - "Logic"
    02. Paul Williams - "The Hell of It"
    03. Rasputina - "Rose K."
    04. This Mortal Coil - "Song to The Siren"
    05. Caprice - "To My Sister"
    Friday, December 10th, 2010
    2:30 pm
    Will I ever have enough degrees for my father?
    In case you do not know: I have a BS in Biology, a BA in Radio, Television, Film, and a MFA in Science and Natural History Filmmaking. My goal in life is to one day teach documentary film at a college level while also writing papers and making weird short films (MFAs are terminal degrees, you can get tenure with them at any university). I want to live in many different places and I sure do not want to stay in Montana. I plan on getting some film experience before going into teaching/getting a PhD in Film Theory (haven't decided that yet).

    Here is my dad's plan for the rest of my life (from an email my mom sent me and it seems what he has been telling to everyone whenever my name comes up):

    "Get Dr. Ivie* to be your mentor
    Become a teaching assistant
    Establish residency get your doctorate in entomology
    film all of Dr. Ivie's trips to "get your foot in the door" with film making"

    I know I like entomology and I think it is cool, but I don't want to get a PhD in it and then work as an entomologist for the rest of my life. When I went looking for MFA programs I knew I wanted to go into documentary film and I was worried I would never use my biology degree. Now he wants me to go into entomology so I will never use my BA or my MFA (which I just went into a huge amount of debt for). Or, it seems he thinks that having my PhD in entomology would help me in my filmmaking career. I'm sorry, but I would have a lot better luck spending the next 6+ years trying to get into filmmaking in whatever way I can than spending all of that time working on an entomology degree and then trying to sell my bug movies. I guess he wants me to be an entomologist and just do films on the side for fun. He must think I just wasted 5 years of my life and a huge amount of money getting something completely useless. Dang it. I can't wait until I have a job in my field. I'm hoping then he might leave me alone.

    Speaking of jobs: I got a job in Bozeman! I will be building lasers at $12/hour for 40 hours a week. It will be good to have money, but there are no benefits and the job has nothing to do with film and is still in Bozeman. Oh well. A job is a good thing. My savings were getting really low. I will continue to apply for better things far away and I can stop spending time looking for secretary things in town.

    *Dr. Ivie is the entomologist I work for
    Thursday, November 25th, 2010
    10:20 pm
    Really Silly.
    It is really silly, but I want some not normal colored contacts. For a year I had non-prescription ones that were black around the edges and faded to clear in the middle (so my eyes looked like they went from blue-green to black). I liked them because they were really subtle (although, really, I don't think anyone ever noticed I was wearing them, just that I was wearing my glasses for some reason). They never carried them again after I got them that one time (and since it was a weird promotion, they only cost $25). Vampfangs is having a big 40% off sale this weekend, which would make prescription all black lenses about $40. Unfortunately, I can't really spend money on anything not essential right now because cash is low and I need to buy Christmas presents for other people. Plus, legally you have to inform your eye doctor before you do this now, and I find that a little embarrassing. "Hello. Eye doctor? Yes, can I get your information and fax so I can buy prescription novelty contact lenses? ...Yes, I am a giant nerd." But I do still kind of want them.

    These are cheaper and have some cool colors, but I worry about the fact that the stuff these contacts are made out of is, "...approved for all EU countries and our manufacturing facility is ISO9001 and GMP certified. ColorVUE is currently being marketed in various part of Europe, Middle East, Australia, NZ and Asia." They do not mention the US...
    Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010
    11:51 pm
    Clothes pins/pens
    Oh, before I forget:

    Hel Looks has changed its overall site design and actually works and looks better. I find this odd because normally when a website changes it is much harder to use at first (I'm looking at you Facebook).

    A friend directed me to this blog where a lady fixed up a new terrible thrift store dress every day for a year with a budget of $365 (so, 365 dresses for $365, her time, it seems, costs nothing and we assume thread and other sewing supplies are too cheap to count). It is pretty cool and inspiring. I now really want to cut things up and make better things out of them (but I worry my lack of both a sewing machine and garment making skills may make this tricky). Most of the stuff comes out alright. Most of it still looks very hand-made, but normally not in a bad way. I wonder what she will do with it all at the end of the year...

    I just saw the new Harry Potter movie!!! Hurray! I now want the next one to be in theaters tomorrow so I can see that one as well. I know what will happen, I read the books, why make me wait? I especially loved the animation in it. I think they are doing a pretty good job adapting everything. The thing did feel a little rushed at times, but not bad. They have a lot to get through.

    In case you have not heard, it is stupidly cold and snowy here. Currently (as of 11:50pm) it is -13F outside. Ick. I am going to get supplies to make an awesome Jello salad tomorrow and I hope I do not freeze to death.
    12:02 pm
    Too Much Snow
    You know what fancy internet "blogs" do? They give you links to only the coolest things. Here are some things:

    Do you like science? Do you like things that are funny? Do you like fun graphic design? If you answered "yes" to a few of those, you will like Fake Science.

    I love weird movies and I consider myself someone who has seen her fair share of them (if not more than her fair share). Over the weekend I saw what may be the weirdest film on the face of the planet. Honest. David Lynch, Lindsay Anderson, and Alejandro Jodorowsky would probably all agree it is not your most normal movie. The film is House and it is amazing. Every normal movie convention is thrown out the window. Why have a score that matches? Why shouldn't this floating human head bite this person on the butt? Why not always have a wind machine on one character no matter what else is happening? Aren't mirrors just not confusing enough? Bananas? Here is the trailer:

    Now a great video about chemistry. It is to tell people to get science research jobs in the EU, but does it also mean their are science video jobs there?
    Wednesday, November 17th, 2010
    5:11 pm
    I love taxidermy.
    Homo Bulla, or the sacred baboon

    "The piece is a reaction to the Archbishop of Canterbury's apology to Charles Darwin on the 200th anniversary of his birthday, September 14th, 2008: 'Charles Darwin, 200 years from your birth, the Church of England owes you an apology for misunderstanding you and, by getting our first reaction wrong, encouraging others to misunderstand you still.'" - The Taxidermy Blog (one of my favorite things on the internet)
    Monday, November 15th, 2010
    5:42 pm
    Pretending Not To Be Here
    I sat in a coffee shop for a few hours typing a coverletter for a job in town. I cannot do these quickly for some reason. The job wouldn't be bad and hopefully would pay alright and have health insurance (hurray!). Unfortunately, it would still be in Bozeman and has nothing to do with filmmaking.

    One good thing about it getting dark so early is that I can look outside the coffee shop and it doesn't look like Bozeman. Since the intersection is right off campus it is pretty busy at 5:30pm. The light in the coffee shop casts a lot of glare on the inside of the window so outside all I see is the lights of cars in the darkness. I can almost pretend that the darkness is sky scrapers and that the cars are there because of some incredible night-life in this amazing imaginary city. Unfortunately, I still know that the only thing in the darkness is the Wool Lab and the new Plant Science building. I want to get out of here.

    I applied to a pretty neat job at a East Coast university. It would involve making science videos and I have talked to a guy who used to work there and he only had the most positive things to say. I will let you know what happens with that.

    A certain large government organization send me a "You Did Not Get The Job" letter with a pretty amazingly weird quote in it. "You should know that there were more than 120 applicants for this position with thousands of years of experience in this area." .... Wait.... "... thousands of years???" Wow. Maybe I don't want to work there if I'm up against vampires and Highlander.

    Keith will have a play in the One Act Festival in town. He is happy about it, but less happy that, for five slots only four people sent in plays (so he would get in even if no one actually wanted to do his play). I hope it is a good experience either way.
    Friday, November 5th, 2010
    3:01 pm
    Had a good Halloween
    I practiced my French horn for a little bit today, which was nice. I bought a book with all the Mozart horn concertos in it and unfortunately found out it also has all the piano parts in it. This wouldn't be so bad if it didn't mean that the horn part is written a good deal smaller than normal and there is a lot of awkward page turning. I should have just photocopied the copy my lesson teacher had. I must now go pin bugs and then I will see some films done by people in my graduate program tonight. It has been surprisingly nice out for the past few weeks. No snow at all! We are having an honest-to-goodness fall. Crazy!

    I think my radio show went well last night. My apprentice played a whole hour all by herself which went very well. I recently watched all of David Mitchell's Soap Box and enjoyed them quite a bit. This website is what all boys should strive for. This is a great short comic. And I went as Jessica from True Blood for Halloween. Keith was an '80s cop.

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    Thursday, November 4th, 2010
    12:58 pm
    I actually applied for a cool job yesterday.
    You know what is even harder than filling out a mind-numbing job application for something you are not too interested in? Writing a cover letter for a job you are only kind of interested in that is also a job you have never done before. How do you stretch out, "I can type, use a computer, and I'm not stupid," into a full page that says, "I would be a good secretary"?

    My friend and I are going to make a short animation about how we want to work for David Lynch. If we finish it by this weekend and the stars align, my friend will hand it to him in person. If not it'll go on the internet. I need to take some pictures...
    Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010
    2:48 pm
    Time to vote, or at least leave the house.
    I did not get the job with the film festival. I hate that I had to call and ask their secretary if they had already filled the position. Is it really that hard to send a mass email to everyone that applied saying that you hired someone else? They have all our contact information.

    It also is upsetting that this job was one I thought I was perfectly qualified for, yet I didn't even get an interview. Keith says they probably had some one internally they wanted to promote but still had to send out a call for applicants. Who knows. I also didn't get a job at Macy's.

    Current Mood: listless
    Friday, October 29th, 2010
    6:54 pm
    Still no job.
    I had a dream last night that a friend of mine went missing and then I was in a bathroom and something grabbed me from inside of the tub, through the shower curtain. It was terrifying and it wouldn't let go. I woke up panicked.

    My roommate only leaves the apartment for work or class. I don't know if she has any friends. Her taste in music is really boring and I can hear it through the walls.
    Thursday, October 21st, 2010
    2:54 pm
    I have decided today is Beetlejuice Day. Why? Because I was feeling down and wanted an excuse to wear two skirts.

    I did not get the butterfly job in Boston.
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